Prayer Team





There are millions of means for spreading the gospel, sharing the name of Christ, helping the poor, feeding the hungry, or combating the evils of the world. But all of
these efforts come back to one crucial activity — prayer. God answers prayer. He delights to do it! He longs to hear his people pray.



We are blessed to have a continuing group of prayer warriors who meet every Wednesday AT 11:00 A.M.,  morning, rain or shine, winter, summer, spring and fall – they are simply a gathering of Christians whose shared purpose is to praise God, plead with him, and expect him to work. They uphold others in prayer, awaiting the Holy spirit to bring encouragement and reassurance of His promises. These are times of sacred communion, and we as a congregation love and lean on them continuously. As they pray together, love and concern is built for others, and their dependence on God is displayed.